“I would recommend The Atrium to any organisation looking to host an event.  Have a serious look at The Atrium venue.  The helpful and professional staff and service provided to us and our customers was excellent.”

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Corporate Responsibility

Making a difference in the community

We know that every decision a business makes will have an impact; on the environment, on  employees, on the economy, on the communities in which it operates and from which it draws its resources.  Many firms now strive for a ‘net positive impact’, knowing that you can’t be perfect, companies put effort into minimising and offsetting negative impacts with positive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies and targets.

Successful CSR is very often about partnerships between businesses and communities, employers and employees, private and charitable sectors. It’s also about doing things smarter, not sacrificing the bottom line, but enhancing it.
The Atrium incorporating The ICCA is no different.

If your business uses offsite venues for corporate events, conferences, training, product launches and the like, why not partner with The Atrium? It’s not just a wonderful building, it has all the excellent facilities and scale that your business conference requires and what’s really wonderful is that every penny you spend with us is an investment in essential community and charitable services. As a Community Interest Company (CIC) we have no shareholders, just ordinary people who rely on us for elderly care, for social and cultural services, for advice and guidance and support.

If your company is working to Corporate Social Responsibility targets, a booking at The Atrium will not only help us, it will help our community, and by helping our community we may well be helping you. It’s an investment you were going to make anyway, why not make it an investment with a positive social impact? Our success will also be your success.
To discuss corporate social responsibility and how we can go beyond business as usual to something altogether better call The Atrium Events team on 0115 9693402.

We invest more than £10,000 each year to maintain the award winning quality of our in-house elderly people’s Day Care Centre

We support over 200 members of our 50+ Association to stay active, healthy and connected

More than 100 young people take part in our Badminton, Hockey, Cricket and Golf clubs

Over 2200 people take part in our annual programme of cultural events